About Us

Leamington's Destination That Cares The Most


Leamington’s No.1 Destination

Since the change of ownership in late 2019, Rustic Food has a real passion and focus on providing outstanding food, convenient service and true customer experience.

Rustic Food offers a selection of freshly made Lunches, Savoury Snacks & Handmade Cakes from our Leamington Spa based Deli. We have a huge selection of Vegan & Gluten Free options.


With the world constantly changing more than ever now and our days get faster we understand it's nice sometimes to have convenience on your doorstep as well as a smile and a 'hi, how you doing today?'. That's why we make sure every feels comfortable and safe in our store.

 We only offer the best and freshest produce, as our love for food is the same as yours! So it's only right we live up to our own standards to give that to you!